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Frank Tyger   -  Editorial Cartoons


Frank traveled to Washington, DC on numerous occasions for his work at The Times - and his sketchbook was never far from reach.

Shown below are some caricatures he did of leading politicians of the 1960s, along with articles from the Washington Post and Editor and Publisher that featured Frank at work.

After doing a sketch Frank always made sure to receive an autograph from the subject of his work!

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JFK's advice to the editorial cartoonists
"Gentlemen please, not so much jowl ..."

(from May 1963 Editor and Publisher)

Frank - Second row from bottom, extreme left

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Sketching Robert Kennedy

(from May 17, 1963 Washington Post)

Frank - Bottom row
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Lyndon Johnson

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Richard Nixon
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Attorney General Robert Kennedy

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Ted Sorenson
(Special Counsel and Adviser to JFK)
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Senator Barry Goldwater
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Senator Everett Dirksen

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Fellow editorial cartoonist Herb Block (a.k.a. Herblock)

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