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If you are a friend of Frank and want to share your reminisces,
or have just been introduced to his work and want to submit a comment,
please Email this to RememberingFrank@franktyger.info

Becky and Matt Lang

I started working at The Times directly out of high school in 1986. I met a guy there, we dated, then got engaged. Frank put our Engagement announcement in his column, and we just celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary in October. Frank was always a delight, so positive and full of advice! We would like to wish him a happy 80th birthday!

Gwendolyn Jones and
Carol Satz

Frank Tyger has been a faithful and supportive friend of the Garden State Storytellers League, Inc, for many, many years. Indeed, he earned the name of the "Town Crier" as he was always so kind in making sure The Times reading public was aware of our activities. In the early days, 1982, we held Family Storytelling Concerts at The Times Community Room at Halloween and in the summer. Frank was always there, lending his friendly and welcoming presence. Later, when our events were held at the Hamilton Township Public Library, Frank still joined us, proudly bringing with him the large Trenton Times banner which afforded the backdrop for our performance. Frank was, indeed, a fine "storyteller" both in words and cartoons. After much persuasion, he made his debut as a storyteller at the Hamilton Township Public Library wearing a Howdy Doody mask. The applause was long and appreciative !!!

Year after year, the Trenton Heritage Days Festival would never be complete without our storytelling canopy next to The Trenton Times booth. Indeed, Frank was our Storytellers Special Friend, and we were happy to dedicate our 1994 Garden State Storytellers League yearbook to him in acknowledgement for his friendship and support.

A true friend is a FOREVER FRIEND. We acknowledge with gratitude and pride that Frank Tyger is our FOREVER FRIEND, both on a personal and a professional level, and that his love and friendship have contributed much to the growth of the Garden State Storytellers League.

Gwendolyn Jones
Founder, Garden State Storytellers League, Established 1982, Affiliate of the NSL, Established 1903
Professor Emerita, The College of New Jersey

Carol Satz
English Teacher, Steinert High School, Hamilton Township Public Schools
President, National Storytellers League, Established 1903


Sharon and Ralph

Remembering happy times with Frank in full would require volumes. He and Ralph met at Finkle Advertising, both starting on the same day in the late 1950s. They became immediate fast friends, with similar interests and senses of humor. Lunchtime was always spent together, often at Jack Hansen's for chopped steak. Their warm friendship lasted to this day, more than 50 years. Ralph found Frank one of the best friends of his life and cherishes the memories of the fun they shared working and talking together over half a century.

Sharon met Frank when he visited her and Ralph in Washington, D.C. to attend a cartoonists convention in 1966, and he came to see Ralph. At the time, the Schlegels were newlyweds. She was immediately captivated by his humor, warmth, depth of interest in everything, particularly language and puns, cartooning, and politics. Frank is one of those rare fellows with vast interests in almost everything and an appetite for learning. All three now banded together in a lifelong friendship.

When Ralph came back from D.C. to Trenton to become a freelance artist, Frank took Sharon to The Times of Trenton to introduce her to the editor for a job interview. That led her to being hired and a 40-some year career as a Trenton journalist. She was blessed to work daily near Frank, to share and experience his enthusiasms, humor and warmth, to be exposed to his love of family and devotion to his ill brother, whom he helped care for, and his adored mother, who he lived with until her passing.

Frank was a dynamo of enthusiasm during those years; sending out puns and epigrams to national media and gaining a place of honor with his cartoons;  writing the Times' in-house paper which chronicled the doings of the Times family of workers; planning community room programs which brought every segment of the Mercer County community into the Times building for forums, meetings and fundraisers; reaching out through a personal  column he wrote to help every charitable organization within reach of the paper.

His work as promotion director was unparalleled because he brought his genuine love of the product he was selling, our paper, along with his sincerity and knowledge of the business. No one would ever be able to replace his worth to The Times.

A curious mind and endless high-minded enthusiasm were key to who Frank was in those years: but he also had a love of his friends and co-workers so generous he was able to share their joys, encourage their interests, and become "part" of their lives and families. He became a surrogate uncle to our daughter VIckie whose place cannot be filled. I never heard him say an unkind or petty word about anyone.

It is difficult to write this, since it sounds like an obituary, but Frank will never be gone to those of us who love him and were privileged to be his friend. He was funny, kind, intelligent, loving, generous, warm and unbelievably decent. The illness which has locked up those traits is a terrible thing to watch, but it cannot erase the Frank we know and love from our minds and hearts. Trying to sum up a person of such quality is an exercise in inadequacy. There is only one Frank Tyger and we were blessed to be and remain his friends.

Sharon is a columnist for The Times of Trenton. Ralph is a freelance illustrator and ongoing editorial cartoonist for The Times.


Janette Garcia

Janette Garcia and Frank Tyger - early 1990s

Janette and Frank in The Times booth
at a "Business Card Exchange"
in Princeton, NJ (early 1990s)

Frank Tyger - My Boss, My Mentor, My Friend

I started working with Frank immediately after graduating from University. I was hired part-time but I had a great time working with Frank. We went to black-tie affairs, we worked with the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen, the Rescue Mission, you name the organization, Frank was always there to help.

My favorite memories are of us marching in parades, but of course, my favorite was when we marched down the streets of Trenton waving the Puerto Rican flag for that year's Puerto Rican Day parade.

I used to always say, "I don't think I'll ever meet anyone like Frank again.......he's a SAINT ON EARTH." God Bless you Frank.

Marie Power-Barnes

I am so deeply sorry the world has lost Frank. I know we age and must pass at some point, but it just seems like the world would have been much better off had Frank been here for another 100 or so years!

Frank first came into my life when I was a 17-year-old high school newspaper editor. I still have the award certificate he presented me, written in his signature block letters. I have, and will always treasure it.

To me Frank was the epitome of integrity, honesty and grace. He taught me patience, and he showed me the value of humility. He would probably be embarrassed reading this card, much less the wonderful tributes on the web and elsewhere. As sad as I am, I am smiling as I write this and think of him – so kind, so generous, so unassuming, and so loved.

We know a lot of people in life. Few have the impact Frank did. I am so fortunate to have had him in my life.  I'll love him forever and will never forget him.

Phyllis and Bob Gotwald

Frank Tyger was a very dear friend to us.  We loved him greatly.

We would describe Frank as a true gentle man with a loving nature. He was also very thoughtful, kind, and generous. Many times, Frank would give us tickets for special events held at the Trenton War Memorial. And each event was a wonderful and enjoyable experience.

Frank loved pastries! And we always loved to watch him enjoy his goodies.

We will miss Frank's endearing smile, his jolly laugh, and the twinkle in his eyes.

We thank God that we were blessed to be able to know Frank and have him in our lives.

Jerry Russomanno

I wanted to express my condolences regarding your loss but more than that I wanted to express some heartfelt words that hopefully will uplift your heart.

Truly, in all the careers I’ve held over the years, and of all the people I’ve worked with, none had the positive impact on my life that your brother did. The years I worked with Frank at the Trenton Times newspaper during the 1960’s and the 1970’s were wonderful, educational and yes even INSPIRATIONAL! Frank was never satisfied with "Good" or "OK" or "Fine." He wanted "EXCELLENCE"! His goal was to strive for perfection professionally and personally.

Frank compelled me to go beyond what I "thought" were the limits of my abilities and had me pursue areas of hidden talent, which he helped me develop that I still utilize today. I can truly say that Frank was my mentor, teacher, and more importantly, my friend! The skills I learned in school and college plus the talents with which God imbued me were honed to a "professional sharpness" under Frank’s tutelage.

Looking back over Frank’s life and the honor and privilege I had in sharing a portion of it, I can emphatically state that Frank was more than just a good man, he was in fact a Gentleman! He taught me that it was more important to be accurate than flashy and even more important to be honest than accurate. Integrity to Frank was more important than talent.

Frank Tyger embodied the Biblical phrase in Proverbs 22:1 "A good name is more desirable than great riches, and high esteem, than gold and silver." Frank’s name and reputation were worth their weight in gold.

Another Biblical quote that comes to mind regarding Frank is from Proverbs 13:20 which states, "Walk with wise men and you will become wise." Because Frank took the time to coach, instruct, guide, and edit me, he imparted to me the blessings of his skills, talents and expertise which I continue to employ in my life until now.

If I were asked what the greatest thing that Frank taught me by EXAMPLE, I’d say it was the importance of being a man of integrity. Frank’s word was his bond. When Frank said something you knew he meant it – and you knew he’d do it! I will always thank God for bringing Frank Tyger into my life and affording me the honor and privilege of working side-by-side with such a wonderful man.

I am as sure of this as I am sure of my next breath: That when your brother passed from this life and into the next, he was met at the Pearly Gates of Heaven by Almighty God who put his loving arms around Frank and said these wonderful words to him, "Welcome home my son; you have been a good and faithful servant during your sojourn on earth – now come into your eternal reward."

I know I will meet Frank when I get up there and if I’m lucky the Good Lord will assign me the task of working with Frank in the editing of "The Heavenly Topics Newsletter.

From a condolence note written to the Tyger family.

"Big Mike" Davidson

Saddened to learn of his passing, always a kind word and smile, with such a down to earth way about him... A good man indeed...

God speed my friend !

"Big Mike" was the former Morning Man on WHWH radio in Princeton, NJ

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2011 Times of Trenton Holiday Appeal in Memory of Frank Tyger

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