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Frank Tyger   -  Editorial Cartoons

State and Local Issues

Frank's editorial cartoons also focused on state and local issues.   Following is an introduction to the New Jersey, New York and Trenton politicians in the 1960s who are featured in the following cartoons:

     "Hughes" - Richard J. Hughes, Governor of New Jersey, 1962-1970
     "Rocky" - Nelson D. Rockefeller, Governor of New York, 1959-1973
     "Holland" - Arthur J. Holland, Mayor of Trenton, 1959-1989 (except from 1966-1970 when Carmen Armenti served as mayor)


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"I'm Perfectly Content With This Jersey Cow"
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"An Answer To The Budget Problem, Please"
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"That's One Flower The Garden State Can Do Without!""
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"You'd Better Behave!"
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"No Time For Apathy"
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Frank Tyger - Editorial Cartoons

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