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Frank Tyger   -  Editorial Cartoons

National Recognition

Frank's work as an editorial cartoonist earned him national recognition.  During the 1960s he received invitations to receptions with Presidents Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon to honor members of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists.

The National Archives selected one of his Lyndon Johnson cartoons to appear in a 1991-1992 exhibit titled "Draw! Political Cartoons from Left and Right" to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Bill of Rights.

His cartoons are part of the collections of three presidential libraries, and have appeared in numerous published anthologies of editorial cartoons including the 1967 book A Nation Grieved - The Kennedy Assassination in Editorial Cartoons that featured his "Profiles in Sadness" illustration.

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Cover to the program of the
1963 Association of American Editorial Cartoonists
hosted by President Kennedy
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President Kennedy at a reception
for editorial cartoonists in the Rose Garden

(Frank - top center)

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Meeting President Johnson
during Editorial Cartoonist's reception

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Frank's editorial cartoon selected for a
1991 exhibit at the National Archives

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Frank Tyger - Editorial Cartoons

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