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Frank Tyger   -  The Times Years

In addition to his editorial work, Frank also served as Promotion Manager at The Times.  For many people in the Trenton community, Frank Tyger was the face of the paper earning him the nickname "Mr. Times."

If you had a charitable cause, Frank would write about it in his Monday column.  If you wanted a representative from the Times at a local event, Frank would be there.  If you wanted a tour of the paper, Frank would conduct it.  Frank's work at the paper emphasized strong community involvement.

Following are photographs showing the diversity of activities Frank was involved in as Promotion Manager.

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Frank in The Times booth at a local business fair
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Working for the Tender Hearts Association
1990 Christmas Drive

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Frank starting a tour of The Times offices
at 500 Perry Street in Trenton
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Explaining the operation of the newsroom
during a tour
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Frank representing The Times,
with Richard Bilotti (former publisher of the paper),
at a Mercer County Humanitarian of the Year Award dinner
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Frank organized hundreds of events
in The Times' Community Room (shown here),
ranging from artistic performances to lectures
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Representing The Times in a Columbus Day Parade
in the Chambersburg section of Trenton
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With the winners of a Spelling Bee contest
sponsored by The Times
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Receiving an award from the Muscular Dystrophy Society
on behalf of The Times
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Receiving a contribution from a Trenton merchant
for The Times' annual Christmas Appeal

Trade Mission to Moscow

In 1987 Frank was part of a 10-day trade mission from Trenton to Moscow.  Ever the keen observer of all around him, Frank took notes and made sketches about life in that city which subsequently appeared in his Monday column for The Times.

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Frank in Red Square in Moscow


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Frank's Monday column featuring
highlights from his trip to Moscow
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A sketch made during his visit -
"In Moscow housing development someone
fashioned a birdhouse from a milk carton"
About Frank Tyger

2011 Times of Trenton Holiday Appeal in Memory of Frank Tyger

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The true test of being comfortable with someone else
is the ability to share silence.

- Frank Tyger