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Frank Tyger   -  Editorial Cartoons

National Issues

The creativity of Frank's editorial drawings earned him the reputation as one of the leading cartoonists in the country in the 1960s.  His cartoons were reprinted in other newspapers, and received national recognition including invitations to the White House for receptions with Presidents Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon, and inclusion in published anthologies of editorial cartoons and an exhibit at the National Archives.

The subject matter of his cartoons ranged from National issues (such as the plight of the unemployed, senior concerns, healthcare, the rate of school dropouts and fair housing) to honoring fallen leaders of our country.

It is amazing to look at these cartoons from the 1960s and recognize that many of the same issues and problems face us today.  As they say, "The more things change the more they stay the same"!

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"Getting Brighter All the Time"
(JFK's Executive Order Banning Housing Bias)
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"Try To Think Of Their Hearts And Minds As Depressed Areas, Too"
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"They're Always Hungry!"
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"Reluctant Astronaut"
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"It Doesn't Stop Here"
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"One Thing On The Patient's Side
Is His Opposition to JFK's Medical Plan"
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"Nobel Winner, Noble Man"

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Frank Tyger - Editorial Cartoons

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